About Me

Hi, my name is Sonia Denise Roberts. I design whimsical jewelry for the fun loving woman and non-binary person who seeks a joyful life. I believe that jewelry is pleasure, connection, and memories.

My journey to making jewelry began in the the summer of 2019. I made my first ring that summer. Six months later, I bought a bench and began making jewelry.

I am an artist living in the Bay Area, California. I am a wife, mother, aspiring world traveler, lover of nature, and good food. I draw inspiration from music, pop culture, nature and my children. I enjoy working with copper, silver, and gold; hand fabrication is my first love, but I dabble in the lost wax casting process and enameling.

When I am not at the bench, you can find me reading a good book, watching a movie with my family, at a basketball game, or planning our next family trip.

I hope you are inspired by my jewelry and find different ways to express yourself authentically and live a joyful life.