Returning To Ritual

Black people have forever used their artistry to transform suffering into beauty. We can look at that many works of Black writers, singers, dancers, painters, inventors, and more. Author Ruth King writes about using artistry as cultural medicine. This goes beyond self-care, using artistry as a mindfulness practice to express and heal ourselves and the world. Art is like therapy, healing our broken hearts.

Inside of you is something you need to express; for Black people it is a way of being heard and seen in a world that has forgotten and ignored us and our gifts. When you transform suffering into a gift for the collective good, you inspire hope and harmony. It is a simple act of consciously and joyfully returning to ritual. 

Rituals are tools that give us freedom, direction and purpose. Cultivate new rituals or daily habits that help you to transform from the inside out.

Wake up. Smile. Take a deep cleansing breath. Allow your heart to expand. Pause and listen. Breathe gently. Allow yourself to connect to the Universe, Nature, Higher Power, or God. Allow love into your heart. Allow magic into your life.

Are you living true to yourself? What practices can you use to deepen the connection to your inner being?

Do you have a ritual or creative daily habit? If so, what is your ritual? As always, we’d love to hear from you!


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