Holiday Shopping Gift Guide

Shop small and support small, amazing businesses.

Here are a list of some of the amazing businesses I love and support.


Damone Roberts, The Brow King has shaped the brows of icons like Madonna, Oprah, and Beyonce. His projects now also include his salon, speaking engagements, his Starplucker podcast, and much more. Check out his on-line store to beautify your brows.


Bethanie Hines invites you to be seen. Bethanie Hines is a self-taught portrait photographer based in Oakland, California. She is the official photographer for the annual Life is Living Festival, curator and sole artist of the Intimacy with Strangers exhibit (Impact Hub: Oakland,CA), and contributing artist in the Wearing Spirit exhibit (Caribbean Cultural Center African Diaspora Institute, NY). She has captured some of the Bay Area’s leading artists, change-makers and culture keepers, and has been featured in magazines across the country and Latin America. A committed yogi, Hines is also a devoted wife and proud mother of three children who drive her to find joy in both the exceptional and the ordinary. 


Andy Drew II A global aesthetic combining mixed media arts ideas and jewelry concepts into wearable art. Andy's art and jewelry is unique, elegant, fashion forward and sometimes whimsical.

Lumenrose Hand crafted jewelry made with thoughtfully sourced metals and stones. Erika's work is graceful, elegant and empowering. She cares deeply about social and racial justice. Erika will periodically create special designs, the sales of which she donates to organizations doing important work.


Big Chop & Accessories A fun and fashionable store for women. 

Awakened Love Warrior: See Difference and Appreciate It. Awakened Love Warrior (ALW) is a lifestyle brand and online store based in the Bay Area, California. Awakened Love Warrior was sparked by a movement within the yoga and spiritual community, to first awaken to your true self and the truth of the world and then connect to a higher purpose or compassionate action. A deepened yoga practice urges you to create a world where people of all races, religions, socioeconomic classes, sexual orientations, gender identities and abilities are seen as human beings and treated equally. Awakened Love Warrior is led by its founder, Sonia Roberts, who formed the company in 2018, with the aim of creating yoga inspired products, workshops and events that celebrate our difference and promote compassionate action. 


Elevate Your Now Kysha Mitchell, a Success Coach & Speaker, guides women to recognize, make time for and take ACTION on what life is calling them to be. Check out her 10 Days of Self Love E-book for only $5 or sign up for a private Vision Board Party.


Happy shopping and making a impact in some way...

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