5 Fun Facts About THE BAY

Born and raised in The Bay.

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Redwood City, Berkeley, Oakland, Hayward, Mountain View, San Leandro, San Lorenzo, Pleasanton, Concord and Pleasant Hill. After turning 18 years old, these are all the Bay Area cities I have lived. I have also lived in Culver City, Long Beach and almost moved to New York City, but that's for a different story.

I put together 5 fun facts about some of the Bay Area cities where I once lived:

1. Sequoia High School in Redwood City was established on the San Francisco Bay Peninsula (way back in 1895), just four years after Stanford University. It’s even on the National Register of Historic Places.

I graduated from Sequoia High School and met a teacher, Morgan Marchbanks, who changed the trajectory of my life.

Sequoia High School, Source: Wikipedia

Sequoia High School, Source: Wikipedia


2. Events in Berkeley during the 1960s set off what we now call the Free Speech Movement, but a 1969 clash between President Ronald Reagan and Berkeley activists is considered to be the pinnacle of the Vietnam War protest. Leading up to the clash, President Reagan had called Berkeley a breeding grounds for “sexual deviants, communist sympathizers, and protesters,” so he ordered California Highway Patrol and Berkeley Police officers to fence off People’s Park, an abandoned lot that anti-war protesters had turned into a volunteers grounds.

When those in Berkeley saw People’s Park blocked off, a riot broke out, with protesters chanting, “We want the park!” The People's Park Riots became known as Bloody Thursday.

I attended UC Berkeley and lived in the African American Theme House directly across from People's Park my freshman year.

Sather Gate at UC Berkeley, Souce: Wikipedia


3. There are many fun facts about the city of Oakland. I have lived near Lake Merritt twice and it is by far, my favorite Bay Area city that I have resided. 

Lake Merritt is the only natural saltwater lake within city boundaries in the entire world. It is also home to the oldest U.S. wildlife refuge, which was designated in 1870. This lake has its very own monster called the Oak-ness Monster, that has been appearing there since the 1940s. The best spot to catch a glimpse of this creature is from the docks at the Lake Chalet Restaurant.

Gondola on Lake Merritt, Source: Wikipedia


4. One of my favorite book stores is in Mountain View, East West Bookshop. It's the largest metaphysical book and gift shop in the US. A center for wisdom, consciousness and community.

While in college, I lived in Mountain View for about a year and had a long commute to Cal.

 Castro Street sidewalk in Mountain View, Source: Wikipedia


5. Tom Hanks was born in Concord, California. Other things to know about Concord... the Concord Pavilion is located here. I enjoy the Todos Santos area for the Farmers Market and live music in the park. My favorite vegan restaurant is here, The Lettuce Inn. And my son's favorite can be found in Concord, Popeye's Chicken. Lol.

Concord Square, Source: Wikipedia


Let me know if there's a Bay Area fun fact that you want me to check out, or a fascinating fact about life in Northern California.

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