3 Ways to Practice Love In Action

Love in action begins with how you treat yourself. Self-love or becoming inwardly loving to all parts of yourself is critical in expressing love, kindness, and compassion toward others. The ability to see all of yourself, both the divinity and the imperfections, with complete acceptance leads to a loving, forgiving, open heart and mind.

Here a few ways to practice love in action...


1. Learn to accept your full self and let go of harsh judgments, comparison to others and self-hatred. There is often so much focus on changing, judging, or fixing yourself, rather than on loving yourself. Take the time to explore the things you do not love about yourself. Examine how you speak to yourself, it matters.


2. Update your values, beliefs and views in order to become the best version of yourself. The truth of who you are is beyond a box and a label. There are no limits. See no limits in your life. There is great power in expressing your uniqueness and authenticity, and allowing others to do the same.


3. Focus on your abundance and how you would like to authentically impact the world. Look for opportunities to lift people up. See the good in yourself and be willing to celebrate it in others.

Love in action invites you to become more fully yourself, as you allow other to do the same. 

Tell us: What do you do to practice Love In Action?

Whatever you do… we’d love to hear about it!


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