10 Ways To Take Action: How To Practice Anti-Racism

Photo: Thought Catalog by Unsplash


1. Educate Yourself and your children about race. Choose authors that are BIPOC, LGBTQ. There’s a list of several recommendations here.

2. Examine and challenge your own racial biases, prejudices and conditioning. Identify any bias you may need to unpack and let go of. This is a process and if you are doing it truthfully it will be uncomfortable.

3. Identify times when you participated in cultural appropriation. There is so much love for black culture, it is being consumed and used for profit daily, but where is the love and respect for Black people. Be thoughtful about your consumption of other cultures and learn how to best show respect.

4. Explore if you identify white as being the “norm.” In what ways do you need to separate from whiteness? In what ways have you internalized anti-black racism?

5. Amplify BIPOC voices. Allow us to speak for ourselves and lead with our voices. Do not speak for us.

6. Find ways to highlight BIPOC in your field of work, at events, conferences, podcasts, retreats, classes, etc.

7. Speak out against injustices, racism, bias or toxic behavior. Call in, call out, just say something.

8. Support BIPOC owned businesses. Identify 3 local businesses to support today. 

9. Vote for politicians that have a Black agenda. The Black agenda is an American agenda.

10. Build a connection to a marginalized group or community. Cultivate relationship with Black people. 

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